Host a Give Local York Party

Tell us about your event! Give Local York is a celebration - so let's celebrate! We'll post all the events we hear about on our Events page, so tell us about yours!

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Want to be a part of the First Friday action in Downtown York?

Create excitement (and maybe some healthy competition) among your friends to support your fundraising campaign by hosting a Give Local York celebration! Check the leader boards, watch the total money raised grow and invite your friends to be a part of the live action on May 3, 2019.

Looking for event ideas? Check out some of the events that took place during Lancaster's Extraordinary Give.


  • Connect your laptop and display the Give Local York leader boards-remember to refresh the page to watch the numbers increase!
  • Make a laptop or tablet available to your guests with your page loaded and ready to donate on. (Log off of your personal account first).
  • Send a link to your free agent fundraising page to your friends, so they can donate on their phones during the party.
  • Get Festive! Hang Give Local York signs or post yard signs.
  • Get Social! Take pictures of the party to post on your Facebook page or to tweet to your followers. Make sure to include a link to your free agent fundraising page in all of your posts and tweets! #GiveLocalYork

Party Ideas

  • Reconnect - Use your Give Local York party to bring old friends back together.
  • Bring a dish to pass - Keep your party in budget by hosting a Give Local York potluck.
  • Motivate - Let your guests know about the great work done by the nonprofit you are raising money for. Pass out flyers, give a short introduction, or reach out to the nonprofit to invite a staff member to your celebration.

Want more tips? Chat with the GiveGab Customer Success team or email with any questions or suggestions.